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Our strengths, listening to your needs, being constant and present. With each project, we offer you a quality of commitment that allows us to give you full satisfaction. Need to install LED in your car, want to install amplifier or install your car radio, need to install push button system or even solar panel system? you have your own project in mind call us now 438-866-6942 call us now 438-866-6942


Support you in carrying out your various projects and provide you with all the necessary services. We support all of our clients throughout the process and will provide you with advice and support.


In order to carry out the small work of your choice, we go to your home at the agreed time. We provide efficient and reliable service and respect your property and your home.

By making odd jobs our specialty, we offer you the perfect solution to maintaining your home and preserving its value. Whether it is lack of time, fatigue or others have made your life easier by giving you a helping hand!

Please note that CANCELLATIONS must be confirmed / reversed 24 hours in advance. There may / will be a charge for cancellations within 24 hours.

Turnkey project service and more


Plastic card and metal card in Quebec.