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The Automation is the set of techniques of the'electronic, of building physics, ofautomatism, of the'computer science and telecommunications used in buildings, more or less " interoperable »And allowing to centralize the control of the various systems and subsystems of the house and the company (heating, shutters, garage door, entrance gate, electrical outlets, etc.). Home automation aims to provide technical solutions to meet comfort needs (energy management, optimization oflighting and heater), from security (alarm) and communication (remote controls, visual or sound signals, etc.) that can be found in homes, hotels, public places, etc.

Domotics fields


Example of a "control panel", and programming interface.


The Home cinema is one of the “services” which can be integrated into home automation.


Example of "home automation modules" radio controlled (through remote control), switches, relay, socket, sockets 230 V and dimmer.


Example of a family of electronic and electromechanical home automation modules (valves, jacks) that can be controlled by the same centralized unit.

The main areas in which the techniques of home automation are:

  • control of "household electrical" appliances, appliances through programming of schedules and / or macro (series of programmed actions carried out by the devices appliances) defined by the user. The triggering of devices can also be linked to events (motion detectors, remote controls, etc.);
  • energy management, heater (for example, it is possible to manage the natural contributions (calories, frigories, wind, light, water ...) according to thethermal envelope building), air conditioner, ventilation,lighting, the opening and closing of the shutters (depending on the sunshine or the time of day, for example), water (the filling of the bathtub can be stopped automatically thanks to a sensor, sink faucets can turn on water when hands approach, etc.). It is also possible to recharge certain electrical devices (computerselectric vehicles, etc.) according to the hourly rate (see Smart grid). A communicating meter can be integrated into a smart-grid and / or connected to a remote management. Heating regulation / programming allows significant savings;
  • the security goods and people (alarms, movement detector, intercomdigital code) ;
  • communication between device and user through the " sonification »(Emission of signals in sound form);
  • comfort acoustic ". It can come from the installation of a set of loudspeakers making it possible to distribute the his and regulate the intensity sound ;
  • compensation for situations of disability and dependency.

As part of the follow-up to the Building Plan of Grenelle of the environment and PREBATE, a work group1, must make concrete proposals for 2011 to promote innovation (technological, organizational, financial, legislative or commercial, as well as in terms of measurement, verification, fatal energy, insurance and certification) in the building sector (an interim report2 was made in mid-January 2011, with eighteen proposals and an incentive to move from "performance" to "demand" in terms of overall performance, which requires the involvement of all players in energy but also health, comfort and the environment). A platform geothermal and smart buildings is being set up with the S2E2 competitiveness cluster, the BRGM and the Orleans Technopole.

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